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Not the end but the beginning

Kellie Bland

I've been in karate for my whole life. I’ve been in karate on and off until I finally found the right karate studio and I’m about to achieve one of my many great goals in life. My name is Kellie Bland and this is my story.

Since was five years old I was in a karate studio in garland every Friday. I always went to competition I was the complete opposite then I am now. At competition I was good at sparring but bad at poomse now I'm ok at sparring and good at poomse. At competition I got my baby tooth knocked out and I got a 5 minute break to give the tooth to my parent, go wash my mouth out, and then go get some water I did that came back and won the round. Another time when I was seven I was at competition and this girl around my height and I sparred and I went to step forward roundhouse and she moved to the side and when I step forward I stepped on her toe on accident the paramedics looked at it and I broke her toe on accident. I always got first place in sparring but every time I did poomse I did it wrong.

When I was nine I stopped karate because there studio moved to Fort Worth I was out of karate for about two years and when I was ten I moved to Mesquite and when I was eleven I started Park's Martial Arts.

I love Tae Kwon Do it’s my passion if I was out of karate I would probably be bored all day. I love how it relieves stress and relaxes me. I love how this studio goes through step by step I'm learning my stances and the right movements and getting my back stance right and not me just kind of bending my leg still got a lot of work to do but almost there. And I hear black belts say it’s not the end but the beginning and don’t quit now you still got a ways to go.

I will like to thank my family and everybody who supported me and encouraged me. I can't believe I finally made it and I will soon finally accomplish something great something I always wanted to accomplish and that is to get my black belt. I would also like to thank my former instructor whose name was also James Park and I would like to thank Master Park and Mrs. Moon Lee for all of my of the help and encouragement from everyone I’ve learned you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to.

Kellie Bland - 6/5/13

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