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What is yoga and how does a yoga class help?

Yoga at its very core is a discipline. It is not simply about being able to twist up into a pretzel or balance upside down for several minutes (though those things are pretty neat). In the United States, we focus heavily on the postures aspect of yoga ("asana"). The practice of asana originated to help the practitioner prepare their body and mind for long amounts of time in seated meditation.

In yoga the goal is to bring balance and harmony to all aspects of a person's being – physical, mental and spiritual. Many benefits arise in the physical practice of the discipline including increased flexibility, core strength, upper and lower body strength and heightened body awareness and control. The mind also improves in its ability to focus and stay calm even while under pressure. In a Western yoga class, the emphasis is primarily on the practice of breathing and postures to help the individual work towards holistic health and wellness.

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What are the benefits I will experience from practicing yoga?

yoga infographic Click here to read the article from the Huffington Post.