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Sandi Tindal

Sandi Tindal

Yoga Instructor

Sandi Tindal recently graduated with her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from North Texas Yoga. Before she came to yoga, Sandi was an avid runner completing her first half-marathon in 2007. Running for long distances was a means to burn off the stress from juggling the demands of a profession in electrical engineering with the task of mothering of two young children. However, running alone did not provide the tools she needed to manage difficulties building in her life and in 2008 she turned to the practice of yoga for help. She found that the postures and breathing practice in yoga provided tremendous physical and mental benefits that running did not offer. As she deepened her practice of yoga she discovered the harmony of flexibility, strength and endurance. In 2013 she embarked on the journey of yoga teacher certification so that she could share the benefits with others.

Sandi's husband Jonathan and their two children Joelle and Preston are students enrolled at Mu Do Martial Arts. They thoroughly enjoy being a part of the school and learning from all the instructors. Sandi is honored to be invited to work alongside the Mu Do Martial Arts staff to help adults meet their personal fitness and wellness goals.

Go to www.saltedmatyoga.com for more about Sandi and Salted Mat Yoga's class offerings at Mu Do Martial Arts!