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Along the Way

Garrett Dixon

                                                                Along the Way                       March 31, 2018

 My name Garrett Dixon, and I am 14 years old. I started taekwondo when I was 9 years old. In the

years that I have been in taekwondo, it has helped me in many ways.

 I have always enjoyed just doing something. Before I joined taekwondo, I was in Judo for 3 years.

When I joined taekwondo, it was a little weird, because it was completely different from judo. I did

enjoy getting back into the routine of going to classes again, and when I went home, I felt great because

I got to do something physical, and it made me feel good. Because of my background in judo, I enjoyed

hapkido especially. I also enjoyed taekwondo sparring.

 Taekwondo not only helped me physically but also mentally. Taekwondo has helped reinforce

morals that I was already learning at home. Taekwondo has helped with confidence through all

different situations. I believe to be a black belt is not to be able to beat everyone, but to teach and be

able to learn from any belt rank.

 I want to do taekwondo as long as my body lets me. In the future, I look forward to learning the

different weapon forms. I hope that I can help in the classes as a black belt. I want to thank the

instructors for helping me and pushing me to my limit so that I could get up to this point. I would also

like to thank my parents for helping me and letting me be in taekwondo and for them supporting me.

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