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  1. The journey does not stop at Black belt.

    Luqman Abdullah

    March 7, 2020

    My name is Luqman Abdullah, I am currently 17 years old which puts me into my

    junior year looking to make strides in this year's SAT exams. I started taekwando

    alongside my sister, Alicia because my parents wanted us to participate in more

    physical activities and extracurriculars. We had done some karate while we were living

    in California.

    When we joined Mudo, I was one of the oldest ones to enter the studio at that

    time while everyone else was younger but taller than me. However, in the world of

    sports, never underestimate size and strength. I was very shy, timid and didn’t have

    the courage to speak out for myself. I remember Master Daniel calling my name

    several times during my very first belt testing promotion for his words of wisdom and

    I knew that I have to build some self-confidence to speak out at that time.

    Back then, I enjoyed going to classes everyday since I wanted to show that I

    had some athletic experiences from playing soccer, basketball and even some football.

    However, every summer we have to take about 8 weeks off for vacation and

    observe Ramadan which delays our Black belt testing.

    In general, I like taekwando as it keeps me active. Unfortunately, I didn’t really

    like the sparring sessions because I was always scared of taking any body shots and my

    inability to create a strategy, but that was during my first weeks there.

    I sometimes imagine that everything is like in a particular football team: Master

    Daniel and the other instructors are our coaches and doing their scouting reports to

    see our progression and execution for their students to compete and represent, while

    every class is our training camp and every tournament is the big games.

    I was able to participate in the 2015, 35th annual Tournament in Fort Worth. I

    got 1st place for forms and 2nd place for sparring even though I had to sparr my own

    teammate due to my size limitation within my age group. Unfortunately that was the

    only time I went to any tournaments. I initially had an invitation to go to last October’s

    tournament, however, due to my left finger injury, it erased my potential second

    appearance there.

    After a hard and long 5 years of training, practices, I am now testing for my 1st

    degree Black Belt along side with my sister. This is one of the greatest achievements

    in my life to have reached this far. Things have changed during that time frame.

    Everybody including myself changed and went through their phases and puberty.

    Taekwondo is not just about kicking and punching, I was able to build some

    confidence, strength and more athletic ability since I started. Discipline is also a

    major key for execution and hussle in taekwando.

    The staff and the instructors of Mudo have done a very good job in getting us

    to learn the aspects and becoming great students. People make mistakes and we learn

    to recover from them. We cannot skip any steps on the ladders to success. It takes

    time, patience, money, trial and error, heart and soul for you to develop any success.

    I would like to thank my instructors for a great training and their words of

    wisdom, my parents for believing in me and my sister for accomplishing this feat

    together. But the journey does not stop at Black belt.