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  1. Black Belt Journey

    Avery Upham

    April 17, 2021

    Black Belt Journey

    I first started taekwondo when I was 12 years old. I recently turned 16 and I’m extremely

    proud and grateful to have made it this far to test for my black belt. I have learned many things

    from taekwondo that has made me a better person. It has helped me in not only being fit but as

    well as my personality, such as having more passion and being more patient. The black belt I'm

    going to receive today means a lot. It is an achievement that few people have accomplished. It

    represents the years of hard work, dedication and blood, sweat and tears I put in; all in one belt.

    I started Taekwondo because, at the time, I wanted to do a lot of sports and activities. I

    was curious and wanted to try out the martial arts. In the beginning of my Taekwondo journey, I

    was nervous but excited for what was to come. I started out 3 belts higher than usual in a new

    environment with new people which made me nervous. Once I started learning the forms, I

    started to get the hang of things. Then came sparring. I immediately fell in love with sparring.

    There is a lot of excitement and energy that comes with it. You have to read your opponents and

    use the best attacks and counter attacks to win. It's not only physical, but a mental sport as well.

    Martial Arts has changed and impacted my life greatly. I wouldn't be who I am today

    without it. I want to thank my instructors, such as Instructor Brian, Azucena and Garret for really

    helping me get ready this past year during quarantine for my black belt test. I want to thank my

    parents for driving me here all the time, supporting and helping me in my taekwondo journey.

    Lastly, I want to thank Master Daniel for teaching everything I know since the day I first stepped

    foot here. Thank you all for having patience with me and pushing me to do my best! This isn't

    the end, only a new beginning for me.